How to obtain permission to use images:

1. Your request must be submitted via email. Please read all of the criteria listed on this webpage before clicking the SUBMISSION link at the bottom of the page!

2. Images must be used in original unaltered form. Cropping to exlude extraneous data is allowed. Coverting the image to black and white is allowed. Adjusting the colors or enhancing the image is NOT allowed. Please bear in mind that each image is a piece of art in its own sense. Artistic freedom is only allowed by the person behind the camera.

3. Overlaying the image with wording is not allowed. Please create an additional image and position it close to the original picture, unless the wording is copyright information placed in a corner.

4. All usage MUST contain the phrase "Greg Ledford (C)" in close proximity to the image. It can also be included in the footnotes (in the case of a book or magazine).

5. Submission for usage of an image must be submitted by email using the link below. Please make sure you have a POP3 capable client (such as Outlook or Outlook Express) available and click the link below. The following items must be included in the submission: the name of the image you wish to use, the publication for which you are using the image, and a copy of the page that contains the image. A copy of the page containing the image can be submitted no later than 7 days after the approval for usage of the image and MUST be submitted before the image can be used in any publication.

6. I know some of these rules seem a little strict but it is mainly to make sure the images are used properly. I have never denied anyone usage of my images upon request. I just want to make sure my name isn't used on some deviant material. Since the usage of these pictures is free, I would hope it would make the result worth the effort. Thanks!


Please also click here to read more on federal copyright information.

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