Who am I?

(I'm working on getting some pictures of me online right now. I'm usually the one behind the camera instead of in front of it so I really don't have many. Check back soon!)
First, the basics: I'm Caucasian, 42 years old, 5'10" and 178 lbs. I have brown hair and green eyes.

I am a computer consultant and a partner in my own business venture. I have lived in the Nashville, TN, area since 1989. Before 1989, I was born and raised in Savannah, Ga. I've got several hobbies that I enjoy and you can click on the link to the left to view a few of them. But if you are reading this, you are here to find out more about me. You are interested in what makes me tick. That could be a question that would take awhile to answer but I'll do my best.

I'm a person who enjoys his work and his free time. I put in quite a few hours at the office and I use a lot of my free time to work on my house, shoot pool with friends, or enjoy a hobby. A weekend usually consists of spending time with Lori, going on a day trip to do some research or just see something new, or working out in the yard. I purchased a project house that needs to be entirely renovated and it's a work in progress. I'll have pictures of that online soon, too. It's a labor of love and it's home for awhile.

I enjoy spending time with my family. I've got three of the cutest nephews and I love them to death. My dad is a Southern Baptist evangelist and a great dad. My mother is a vocal instructor and spends a great deal of time travelling around teaching people how to sing properly. I have a brother that shares some of my interests and I spend time hanging out with him also. I became Catholic in 2013 and enjoy working with the RCIA team and helping out at the Room at the Inn project.

Being from Savannah, GA, I try to get back there every chance I get. I don't get back often enough because it will always be my second home. Nashville suits me though. There's always something to do. Whether it's going downtown to see a Nashville Predators hockey game or shooting pool at Buffalo Billiards with a few friends, there's always something to get into. I'd stagnate and die in a town with no city life.

I enjoy all types of music except for rap or death metal (and those don't count as music, anyway). I like watching movies of all types, too. There's not many foods I don't like. I have a sweet 10 year old cat and a new border collie puppy. Both like getting into trouble but that's what they do. For fun, I enjoy skiing as often as I can, playing Candy Crush, geocache with Lori, do historical and ancestral research, or grill out in the yard.




Favorite places

As I mentioned, I like to ski during the winter months. One of my favorite places to ski is Ober Gatlinburg, mostly because it's close to home and a good place to get some practice before hitting the big slopes like Snowshoe Mountain. I skied there for a few seasons with my friend Eric and loved it. We skied Park City, Utah, awhile back and skiing out west is like nothing else. We are discussing Lake Tahoe sometime soon.

Savannah, GA is always a favorite place to visit. I've got a nice picture I took while I was down there last on the Photos page. Click on the link to the left. One of the best places to eat when you are down there is Carey Hilliard's restaurant. And the best place to stay is Ocean Plaza Beach Resort on Tybee Island. Make sure to get a top floor room so you can see the beach. Well worth the money and it's just 10 minutes away from downtown Savannah.

St Louis is a decent place. I've been there a few times to watch St Louis Blues hockey games. There are a few good places to eat within walking distance of the arena but traffic isn't pretty after the games. It's the same in Nashville, though.

Favorite Movies

I'm a big Sci-Fi nut so, of course, I like Star Trek and Star Wars. But it's hard to pick just one type of movie. I'm partial to comedy, mostly, and my taste in DVDs reflects that. Slapstick movies like Dumb and Dumber are always fun to watch on a weekend. One movie I saw recently and enjoyed was A Beautiful Mind. Well worth buying. I also have a decent collection of Civil War related movies and documentaries as part of my personal studies. Those type of movies aren't dating material though, just for personal viewing.

Favorite Foods

I like just about anything Italian or Japanese/Chinese. I'm not overweight but I love to eat. And I can tell you almost any health score for any restaurant in town. You can't be too careful when you eat foreign foods. It's one thing to like the food and another thing to eat it like they'd make it in their home countries. (So it's Chinese food, hold the paw.)

My spare time

I don't usually have a lot of spare time due to work, my girlfriend, and hobbies but I try to keep busy. But I like puttering around the yard and trying to upgrade the looks of the house. The most recent home addition was lattice work around the bottom of the deck and replacing two front windows. I also like working with Linux and finding new things to add to my server. And during hockey season, you can usually find me at a game or watching it on TV. Hockey is a passion. I like to watch it as much as I like to play it. I certainly have a new-found respect for the guys that play the game. I'm also an ancestral researcher and spend a decent amount of time each year at the local archives and in North Carolina doing research. I enjoy the occasional target practice trip to the rifle range with some friends but I'm not a hunter. And when I get some free time at home, I enjoy reading history books. Check out the Hobbies section for more on these topics.

My family

As I mentioned, I've got three nephews that I love to death. I've also got a great sister and brother-in-law and we usually try to get together for dinner on occasion. I'll post a few pictures of them soon. There are pictures of two on my nephews at the top. I also have a great Dad who would do anything for anyone. He's kind beyond words. I have a brother that shares my love of computers and likes to shoot firearms with me about once a month. He's a good guy but a bit lazy sometimes. I have a Mother who is busy doing her own thing and teaching vocal lessons on the side. Another part of my family are my cats. They are family, too. They are spoiled rotten and like sitting in the middle of my laptop keyboard while I'm writing on the website. But they are just like furry little children. Ones that like to hide my pens and AA batteries under the couch.

That's enough about me. Go ahead and move on to the other sections if you'd like. And thanks for viewing my website!

Your humble servant,
Greg Ledford


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